January 28, 2013

Zucchini Lasagna is…

FANTASTIC! It was supposed to be on the menu for Sunday but Sunday morning I woke up with…you guess it, the flu. You know the one I’m talking about…the nasty, chilled to the bone but still sweating, swallowing feels like your downing a 100 knives all at once, glands so swollen you can’t move your neck, ears in so much pain you want to rip them off your head, nose so stuffed that your forced to talk in that awkward nerd voice in short, interrupted sentences just so you can catch a breath, body aches so bad you just want to punch someone in the face, feverish, miserable, flu.

Because of said flu I was obviously in no mind frame to cook and there wasn’t much that sounded good, pretty much my options were macaroni and cheese or chocolate chip pancakes. I also couldn’t put all that work of making the lasagna on Mr. Awesome. Ultimately, we went with chocolate chip pancakes and the zucchini lasagna got pushed back till today.

It was worth it though. I still feel pretty miserable but at least the fever has broken and I think I was able to enjoy it more today than if we had had it yesterday.

So with Mr. Awesome and mine’s stamp of approval, we say go make the zucchini lasagna! We think you’ll like it.
*We followed the recipe pretty exact with the exception of swapping the ricotta cheese for cottage cheese.*

You can also look forward to a post about a natural cleaning solution since I’m in the process of cleaning everything in hopes that Mr. Awesome doesn’t get sick. 


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