February 3, 2013

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

What’s everyone’s plans for today? Are you a football fan, the patient wife of a football fanatic, or do you and your spouse just not care? I think I can classify myself as the wife of a football fan. Truth be told, I’ve never been into football. It wasn’t much of a big deal growing up that I can remember and I don’t think I ever attended a Super Bowl Party until I got married. The day I got married it was mandatory that I become a Packers fan…cuz ya can’t marry into a family with the last name of Packer and not be a Green Bay Packers fan…if I had refused, I’m not sure my husband would have gone through with the wedding. Okay just kidding…I hope. I do enjoy the occasional Packer game and was bummed two years ago when they lost the big game and again this year when they got eliminated. I do, however, enjoy the party, the great company of my in-laws, and the good food. I’m especially glad to be going this year since I haven’t seen the outside of my house practically all week. So what are you Super Bowl traditions and what are your favorite Super Bowl recipes? I had big plans to make jalapeno & artichoke dip as well as home made green chili and cream cheese poppers but that went by the wayside when I got smacked down with sickness so we’re resorting to meatballs. I’ll have to make the others some other time and maybe host a craft night. Oh ya, that sounds fun.

I’m also excited to finally be able to go back to my work out routine tomorrow. I had to take a whole week off and man did I hate that! I did manage to stay under my calorie goal all week. Combine that with being sick and I lost another 2 pounds so I don’t feel like the week was a complete lost.

I was looking through all my pictures trying to find one of us to share and came across a road trip that Laryssa and I took many years ago. Do you remember this Buddy? Oh the fun we have when we go on our road trips! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 


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