February 1, 2013

Just A Little Update

My menu for this week has pretty much gone out the window, down the street, and into next week because that’s what happens when you get diagnosed as having the flu, bronchitis, 2 ear infections, and allergies. Ya that’s been my week. Fun right? So our menu has gone from lot’s of delicious ideas to chicken noodle soup, ramen, anything that Mr. Awesome can throw together in 15 minutes or less, or the yummy food that my dear sweet sister in law and Mom have dropped by which has been so appreciated. My days have consisted of trying to stay out of Mr. Awesome’s way so that I’m not distracting him from his studies.

We did manage to make the 1st two meals on our menu which were the zucchini lasagna (Awesome) and the stuffed peppers with quinoa. This was my first time having quinoa and I was pleasantly surprised. Besides the fact that it looks like bird seed, it was actually pretty tasty and easy to cook. I substituted the asparagus in the recipe for green beans because asparagus was $5 a pound and there’s just no way I’m paying that price and we changed out the feta cheese for mozzarella. It was still very good though. The only thing I’ll change for next time is adding a few more seasonings. Other than that, I was pretty impressed!

So I hope you and your families are feeling a little healthier than I have been. Luckily, Mr. Awesome has still not gotten sick (knock on wood). He’s been downing lots and lots of Vitamin C so hopefully he won’t get sick.

Love you guys!

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