February 12, 2013

Wonderfully Quick Valentines Day Gift!

Let's kick this off with a little story. So as many of you know I am a preschool teacher and have been for the past 7 years. You meet A LOT of kids in that kind of time frame, and believe it or not, you remember most of them. There was this one child about 5 years ago that I remember specifically, Nolan. Nolan and I had an odd relationship at times. He didn't necessarily attach to me and he wasn't a fan of my rules in the classroom which made us butt heads at times. But he was a sweet little boy. Oh! Here's the kicker! His mom was my boss... Ya fun right. I felt odd disciplining him and I don't think she liked it either.  Differences aside they were a wonderful family. So when they made the decision to move back to Missouri I was a little sad. On Nolan's last day he came to me with a jar of what looked like rocks and paper. It was a Wonderful You Jar. He told me that when he was gone take one piece of paper out everyday and read it. I of course, teared up, gave him a hug and said goodbye. The next day I followed his instructions, taking out a piece of paper and reading it. On it was something special that we shared, laughed about, or something he thought was wonderful about me. After reading them all I still keep it on my desk and read them when I'm blue.

Years later I decided to make one for my wonderful husband. In it I put memories from our first date, inside jokes, dreams for the future, and everything I loved about him. It is a small but extremely meaningful gift... Perfect for a special valentines day.  I encourage ALL of you to make a wonderful you jar for someone, be it your spouse, parents, children or friends, for any occasion! It is something that will be remembered forever.

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