February 6, 2012

An Easy Stenciled Music Sheet Frame

Yay for another wonderful Guest Post! Sarah and her blog are awesome and I'm pretty sure we would be super good friends if we lived closer to eachother, I guess I'll settle for long distance blogger buddies? I'm in love with this frame and I can guarantee you that I will be stealing this idea for my music room...once it is done being the crapft room. Enjoy!

Hello Our DIY Diaries readers!  I'm so happy to be here guest posting for Jen, Laryssa, and Courtney today!  My name is Sarah & I blog over at Renewed Upon a Dream.  I just started blogging this past September & I am having a blast doing it.  The home/craft blogging community is so great & I've found that I have so much in common with others that write & frequent our blogs.

So moving on to my project for today!  I'm sharing an easy little stenciled music sheet frame that I put together a couple of weekends ago.  This project is very easy & looks so nice when you're done.

Woot!  Cute right?  Ok, so this project was done with a little $1 wooden frame from Micheal's.  I have a bunch of these laying around at my house because we used them to make our table numbers for our wedding.  I have been trying to use them in various projects like my pretty drop cloth bathroom hooks.  Might as well do things with them rather than have them empty & laying around right?

Moving on, I had an old book of sheet music that I got from the local consignment shop for $0.50.  I chose this page to use for the frame because of the little numbers hand-written by someone on it.  This page was used!  That makes me smile.  So, I had my frame, page of sheet music, and Mod Podge ready to go.

The first step to making this frame is to Mod Podge the paper to the frame.  Don't worry about cutting out the hole in the middle of the frame yet.  You need to wait for the glue to dry first.  Use a layer of glue on the frame to attach it, then glue the excess paper around the back.  I just folded the edges like it was a gift I was wrapping, and trimmed any access after that.

Once your Mod Podge is dry, you'll cut out the center of the frame.  Leave some room at the edges of your cuts, because you'll then fold those edges into the frame, and glue them around to the back as well.  Once that's finished, put a layer of Mod Podge on the whole thing to seal it & make sure it's good & stuck!

Once everything is dry, you can start stenciling.  You could also totally skip this step if you like the music page frame just as it is, but I thought it'd be fun to do a little stencil on my frame as well.  I laid my stencil over the frame, and dabbed at it with my sponge brush.  I used a gold shimmery paint that I had leftover from my tray that I made out of an old cabinet door.  Once the whole stencil has been painted, lift it up & let the paint fully dry.

I really like how the gold paint turned out on this project.  It's subtle, but pretty.  What do you think?  After that all dried, I added a little yellow flower I had made with a dab of hot glue.  This is just a ribbon flower, with the ribbon just turned in on itself & attached to a piece of felt on the back.  You can find tons of different flower tutorials on Pinterest!  This one was quick & easy & I had the ribbon laying around, so it was easy to whip up.

I cut some scrapbook paper down to size to fit in the frame, and then attached a photo to the paper with a little double sided tape.  These little frames don't come with glass, but I like how it looks this way anyway.

And yes, that picture is of me.  It's one of my senior pictures.  If you look close you can see what year I graduated & do the math to figure out how old I am now.  Ha!  Ah well.  I found this picture in a trunk my parents were getting rid of that held some random things of mine from college & I decided to keep it.  Cute right?  :)  I have this frame now sitting on our picture ledges that I built over the summer with some other fun photos & nick-nacks we've collected. 

This really is easy, the hardest part is waiting around for the glue to dry!  You don't have to use music sheets either.  You could use wrapping paper or an old encyclopedia or your kid's art or maps or whatever!  So many different options for these!  I hope you like this project & think about doing it.  I love talking to people & making new "internet" friends so feel free to stop by my blog if you like this project & say hi!

Isn't is fantastic? Thank you so much Sarah for Guest Posting for us today! I can't wait to make a frame similar!

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